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Special Offers

Pool Maintenance, Swimming Pool Heaters, Pool Chemicals, Pool Chlorine, Swimming Pool Chemicals, Pool Spa Maintenance, Swimming Pool Renovations, Swimming Pool, Trinity PoolMake sure your Annual Filter Service
Is completed for spring!!!

Our service technician disassembles your filter, checking the tank as well as the backwash valve for defects. The grid assembly is transported to our service facility. There, it is disassembled and checked for defects and tears. The next step is to soak the elements in a degreaser overnight, then rinse and soak in a decalcifying solution. After neutralizing and rinsing, the grids are reassembled and returned to our jobsite. The filter tank is reassembled and resealed and the system restarted. The filter is recharged with the appropriate amount of media and the system operation visually checked.


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